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2011 CBCGB Children Ministry Parenting Conference

A Focus on the Emotional Health and the Well-rounded Development of Our Children

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講員簡介Keynote Speakers
Sister Linda Koh graduated from National Taiwan University before she moved to US.  She was baptized while studying at Purdue University in 1970.  As a re-born Christian, she responded to a God’s call to serve in children ministry.  She has served children ministry for many years, taught Bible to all ages of children, led children worship and trained Sunday School Teachers.  She has a special burden of preaching Gospel to children.  In her 40 years of serving the Lord, she has led countless children to believe in Jesus. Sister Linda has been married for 39 years and has two sons and one daughter.
吳楊美珠姊妹生于台灣,畢業于台灣師範大學英文教育專業。來美後,她獲得New Hampshire大學圖書館科學碩士。她在美國從小學到高中教書二十一年。她也一同與她先生, Hyde Park CRC Church的吳牧師一起服侍。她幾十年如一日地熱情的與兒童分享基督的愛。她有個兒和三個孫。
Sister Dora Wu was born in Taiwan and received her B.A. in teaching English from Taiwan Normal University. She then moved to the U.S. for advanced education and received a Master of Arts in School Library Science from the University of New Hampshire. She had taught in the U.S. from elementary school to high school for 21 years. She retired from her teaching career to serve in the Hyde Park CRC church with her husband, Pastor Ping Philip Wu. She has strong passion for teaching and sharing the love of Christ with children. She has two children and three grandsons.
課程大綱 Outline
1. 孩子情商的發育過程
    How People Mature - the Maturity Indicators Table (small group discussion follows)

2. 中國傳統家庭教育模式的利與弊
    Pros and Cons of the Traditional Chinese Education Model (small group discussion follows)

情緒與靈命成長的關係 - 如何面對孩子的情緒,並在當下幫助孩子靈命成長
Understand How Emotion Impacts Spiritual growth
時間費用及地點Time Fee and Location
時間Time:  March 19, 2011, 9 am-4 pm (Registration: 8:30 am, Lunch: 12 noon to 1 pm)
報名費Fee: $10.00 (CBCGB)/$15 (Others), Lunch included
地點Location: Chapel, CBCGB, 149 Spring Street, Lexington, MA 02421(教會副堂)
報名截止日期Deadline for Registration: March 16, 2011 

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